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1540 Laser and It's Benefits

Increase your body's natural collagen production, plump, firm, and rejuvenate skin. The 1540 Laser is a powerful treatment that uses gentle non-ablative technology with the results of fractional resurfacing. How you ask?
Jul 12th, 2019

Can stretch marks be removed with laser?

Stretch marks are lines of different color or texture on your skin and can vary in color from purple, pink, to light gray. They can fade over time. Laser stretch mark removal removals the outer layer of skin to restructure the overlying skin.
May 31st, 2019

SculpSure Treatment Tested by a Mom 9 Weeks after Baby

Pregnancy can change your body dramatically. Many moms find themselves struggling to "bounce back" after giving birth. It is a slow and gradual process. SculpSure can help target those troublesome areas without surgery or downtime.
Apr 23rd, 2019

Best In-Office Treatments to Target Dark Spots

You can treat your dark spots at home with topical creams prescribed by your doctor. These topical creams work to fade age spots over the span of several months. In-office treatments work faster than at home remedies.
Apr 16th, 2019