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Age Spots

Age Spot Removal Irvine CA

Don’t let age spots make you appear older than you are. To help both men and women look their best, Orange Coast Aesthetics age spot removal Irvine CA offers cutting-edge methods to fade and get rid of age spots.


Age Spot Removal Irvine CA What is age spots?

Age spots are dark patches or spots that develop as a result of hyperpigmentation in particular regions of the skin, usually regions that receive a lot of sun exposure, like the hands and face. Although they can emerge in younger people as well, age spots often develop in persons over the age of 50. Age spots often have a tan or brown look.


How do lasers work to fade or remove age spots?

Lasers use intensely concentrated laser beams that penetrate the skin at various depths. The skin’s pigments absorb this energy at varying rates, with darker regions absorbing more of it. When lasers are directed onto pigmented age spots, the energy is absorbed by the pigmented cells, where the extreme heat from the laser decimates and breaks apart the cells, allowing the body’s natural waste system to eventually remove them. Multiple treatments can be required to achieve the greatest outcomes, depending on the size of the age spot and other variables.