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One technology stands out above the rest when it comes to laser tattoo removal. The PicoSure® system from CynoSure® is a platform that is arguably the most effective laser for tattoo removal. Tattoo removal services using the superior PicoSure laser are proudly provided at Orange Coast Aesthetics in Irvine, California.


Tattoo Removal Irvine CAHow does the PicoSure laser remove tattoos?

Knowing more about tattoos as well as the limitations of laser light energy is necessary to comprehend the unique difficulties associated with tattoo removal. The size of the ink particles implanted beneath your skin, the type of ink used in your tattoo, as well as your general overall health all have a direct correlation to how your body will respond to tattoo removal treatments. Your lymphatic system’s efforts will contribute to some fading over time, but tattoo removal can be a lengthy process.

In order to break down tattoo ink into particles tiny enough for lymphatic clearance, laser energy can impart heat and pressure to the deeper skin layers where tattoo inks reside. The majority of laser systems, though, have a flaw. Using a single wavelength, laser light produces a single color of light. Traditional lasers can only effectively transfer heat from a limited spectrum of tattoo ink colors because the transfer of heat energy needs a target that absorbs its wavelength.


How does PicoSure remove all the colors of a tattoo?

One way to transport energy is by heat absorption. Being both a wave and a particle, light can exert pressure on a target while exerting more force at the source. The additional force, which can disperse tattoo ink particles with less reliance on color matching, is enough to harm the skin tissue around the tattoo, though.

The “pico” in PicoSure comes from the “picosecond,” a very little period of time. CynoSure refers to the method used by PicoSure as PressureWave™ technology. This method uses high-energy bursts over extremely brief times. With heat and pressure, PicoSure breaks down a variety of tattoo ink hues into minute particles that are quickly and easily eliminated by your lymphatic system.


Is PicoSure effective on other skin discolorations?

Yes. In the cases of age or sun spots, rosacea, and the redness associated with acne, for example, PicoSure may provide superior improvement in these areas, because of its dual-action warming and PressureWave energy delivery. Much depends on your skin type and any skin pigmentation concerns you may have, just like with any cosmetic laser system. You could require more or fewer treatments than the norm to reach your goals because individual results can vary.

*Individual results may vary