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Earlier this year, Ariana Grande’s attempt to celebrate her single’s top rating went awry when her Japanese script tattoo didn’t say “7 Rings” but “small charcoal grill.” Whoops minor details.

News went viral when she went in to fix the mishap only to have it say “small charcoal grill finger.”

Laser Tattoo Removal

Now like Miss Grande, if you have a tattoo set back you have several options. You can remove the ink or remove parts of the artwork to have another design reworked into the design.

Rethinking your tattoo and having a change of heart is common. Changes in taste and design are natural. Some key factors about cover up tattoos:

1. Laser tattoo removal will be required to lighten the tattoo. You and your cover up tattoo artist will be able to figure out what parts of the design will need to be lightened/removed.

2. It’s important to find an experienced tattoo artist and laser expert to have the best possible result for your new design. The process requires knowing what ink colors will  be lightened and what ink colors will work best for the new design.

3. Discuss with your tattoo artist the size of the new design and one that will cover up your original design. Most likely the design will be larger and utilize darker shades to mask the older design.

4. To have the best results, be open and flexible about the design size, placement, and changes needed for the new design.

Cover up work for a tattoo will require additional funds and research. You will want to find the best tattoo artist and laser medical professional to rework your no longer wanted tattoo.

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