Non-Invasive Cosmetic and Laser Specialists in Irvine, CA

We have many patients uninformed of the laser tattoo removal process. With so much information on the internet, it is difficult what to know is correct.If you have a tattoo that you want removed, here are some things to consider:⠀⠀
1. Consider going to a licensed medical expert. Having treatments done by a licensed professional and with the latest technology ensure optimal results.⠀

2. It will take time and more than 1 treatment. Tattoos do not disappear after 1 treatment. It may take up to 6-10 sessions depending on the tattoo and individual. The ink particles broken down by the laser need time to be cleared by the body’s immune system. The body’s turn over cycle is about 8-10 weeks. With each visit, the PicoSure laser breaks down new particles of pigment. ⠀

3. It’s costly. If you have your procedures done by a licensed professional, the bill for each visit can run you hundreds of dollars.⠀

4. Most all colors can be removed. Contrary to the old belief that light, colored ink was hard to remove with the correct laser you can even get stubborn reds, yellows and greens. The PicoSure laser has a special lens specifically for those colors.⠀

5. Get ready for a longer visit, more than 15 minutes. Mentally prepare for visits to be an hour. This will include application of numbing cream, taking progress photos, and the lasering.⠀

6. There’s discomfort before and after treatment. The treatment sites blister and need to be covered in ointment like Aquaphor and bandaged for a few days. There will be scabbing and peeling. The good news, with more treatments the less aftercare is needed.⠀

7. You don’t have to fully remove the ink. You can lighten your tattoo enough to get cover-ups done. Chat with your artist you have options.⠀

8. There are risks with laser tattoo removal. You may have hypo or hyper pigmentation in the treated area. There is also the possibility that the ink may not be completely removed. If you are expecting flawless skin pre-tattoo then think before you ink.⠀