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With the growing trend of microblading and ombre brows is also the need of permanent makeup removal for bad brows or brow shapes that no longer suit the client.

There are several methods to remove permanent makeup.

  1. Topical creams and lotions. The issue with topical solutions is the lack of deep penetration into the dermis to reach the permanent ink. An alternative at-home method to assist with the removal can be applying fine sea salt to the area and gently exfoliating two times a day for several months. This method will draw out the ink and is best for new permanent makeup tattoos.
  2. Non-laser removal with the trained permanent makeup artist. This technique opens up the skin with the tattoo instrument and applies a bonding agent to draw out the ink, similar to the original procedure. The treated area will then form a scab and heal to reveal less ink. The risk of this application is higher scarring as it causes damage to the epidermis. Allergy can be another issue.

Permanent makeup pigments react differently with laser than tattoo ink. Permanent makeup inks contain titanium dioxide (white pigment) and paired with the laser oxidizes and turns to a dark grey color. Permanent makeup pigments use titanium dioxide because it gives the color a brighter base making the color stand out.

Because of the darkening of color and pigment complications, we do not provide laser permanent makeup/eyebrow tattoo removal. We advise speaking to your permanent makeup/brow artist regarding removal.

We do provide laser tattoo removal with PicoSure Laser Technology. Laser tattoo removal is safe and effective when performed by a qualified clinician or doctor.

To schedule a consultation for a custom treatment plan regarding laser tattoo removal call us at 949-704-5071!