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PicoSure Skin Revitalization Q&A

What is PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

PicoSure Laser rejuvenates skin with patented Pressure Wave technology. The laser uniquely converts the energy into pressure waves to injure the cells and break down the unwanted pigment. This injury signals the cells to create new collagen and elastin without burning or damaging the skin. Skin is firmer and smoother. 


PicoSure can treat all skin types and is great for darker skin.


PicoSure addresses the following concerns:

  • sun spots 
  • discoloration of dull skin 
  • freckles 
  • fine lines and wrinkles 
  • acne scars 
  • melasma

What is treatment like? 

The area treated is cleansed and free of make-up and creams. A numbing cream is then applied to the area 20 minutes prior to treatment. The treatment is fast and quick. The hand piece delivers wave pressure technology that is converted energy trillionth of a second. Patients compare the sensation similar to that of a rubber band snapping on the skin.


How many treatments will I need?

The number of needed PicoSure treatments will vary depending on the targeted condition and how the individual responds to treatment. For maximum results a series of treatments 2 to 5 is recommended. 


What is the after care?

There is no downtime or recovery period required after a PicoSure® skin rejuvenation treatment. Unlike traditional laser systems (where patients experience crusting or skin peeling), patients only experience mild redness in the treated areas for a couple of hours. If you’re treating pigmented lesions, the pigment turns darker for 3-4 weeks and then slowly fades away.