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The Orange Coast Aesthetics practitioners are skilled in the most advanced scar treatment techniques to help patients from throughout the Irvine, CA, area eliminate or decrease the appearance of scars so they feel more confident about their appearance.

Scar Treatment Q and A

What causes scarring?

Scars form as part of the body's natural healing process when the body responds to an injury by laying down layers of tough, fibrous tissue to help protect an injured area. In addition to being thicker and tougher than surrounding skin tissue, scars often appear darker or lighter and smoother or rougher than surrounding skin. Some scars may be raised above the skin surface or depressed into the surface. Scars can form anywhere on the body – internally and externally – and they often occur as a result of deep, cystic acne that isn't properly treated. Scars also form as a result of traumatic injury and following surgery, and a poor healing process can result in scars which are especially noticeable. Even small scars can cause significant issues with self-confidence, especially when they occur in a highly visible area of the body.

How do lasers help fade scars?

Lasers help remodel skin, breaking down fibrous tissues so damaged cells can be removed naturally by the body while also promoting the development of new, healthy skin. The focused heat of laser energy works to stimulate and promote the production of collagen, one of the most important “building blocks' of healthy, smooth skin. And because laser energy is variable and adjustable, your scar treatment can be customized for your specific needs to achieve superior results.

Will I need more than one treatment?

That depends on the size of the scar and other factors. Many people get great results with a single treatment, while others may need more than one to achieve their goals.

Will insurance cover the cost of my treatments?

Laser scar revision treatments are usually considered cosmetic in nature, and as a result, most medical insurance plans do not provide coverage. If you're not sure if your plan offers coverage, speak with your plan administrator or ask our office to check for you.