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When it comes to laser tattoo removal, one system stands out above the crowd. CynoSure®’s PicoSure® system is perhaps the gold standard tattoo removal laser, as well as a platform for more common laser skin revitalisation treatments. Dr. Robert Pettis and the team at Orange Coast Aesthetics in Irvine, California, are proud to offer tattoo removal services using the world-class PicoSure laser. Call or click today to schedule a consultation.

Tattoo Removal Q and A

How does the PicoSure laser remove tattoos?

Understanding the particular challenge of tattoo removal requires some knowledge of both tattoos and the limitations of laser light energy. The permanence of tattoos traces back to the size of the particles of ink implanted under your skin. These are large enough that the body’s lymphatic system can’t remove the ink effectively. Some fading over time is due to the efforts of your lymphatic system, but, on its own, this is a slow process that won’t completely remove tattoo ink.

Laser energy can deliver heat and pressure to the deeper skin layers where tattoo inks reside, and there can be sufficient transfer of energy to break down tattoo ink into pieces that are small enough for lymphatic removal. However, most laser systems have a drawback. Laser light uses a single wavelength, which corresponds to a single color of light. Since the transfer of heat energy requires a target that absorbs its wavelength, traditional lasers are only effective on a narrow range of tattoo ink colors.

How does PicoSure remove all the colors of a tattoo?

Heat absorption is only one method of energy transfer. Since light acts as both a wave and a particle, it can also deliver pressure to a target, using more force at the source. However, that extra force, which can break up tattoo ink particles with less dependence on color match, is sufficient to do damage to surrounding skin tissue.

The “pico” part of the PicoSure name stems from “picosecond,” a tiny unit of time. PicoSure uses high-energy bursts over very short periods of time, a process that CynoSure calls PressureWave™ technology. Between heat and pressure, PicoSure shatters a wide range of tattoo ink colors into tiny particles that are removed by your lymphatic system easily and naturally.

Is PicoSure effective on other skin discolorations?

Yes. In the cases of age or sun spots, rosacea, and the redness associated with acne, for example, PicoSure may provide superior improvement in these areas, because of its dual-action warming and PressureWave energy delivery. As with any cosmetic laser system, much depends on your skin type and the skin pigmentation issues you have. Individual results vary, and you may need more or fewer treatments than average to achieve your goals.


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